Closing of the official Discord.

Closing of the official Discord.

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Closing of the official Discord.

Message par frozen le Mer 14 Mar - 18:12

Hello everyone.

After discussions with the Staff, we made the decision to close our official xDeathMatch Discord.

As on the old DM servers FR (CTW, HnK ..) the discussions, requests, suggestions and others were only made on the Forum, and this is something we decided to put back "in fashion".

No need to tell you that now, if you get banned for example, you will have to post on the forum and not go to harass the Administrator in question to ask for evidence or explanations, you will only lengthen your time banishment.

All this is designed for a clean and optimized organization, both for the players and the administration.

xDeathMatch is a fresh start in the long term and we want to put the package for you to offer the best DM server.

The team

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